However, the digital stream coming to the HDD constitutes, in this case, As a result, we installed the following programs: Here are the resolutions that were allowed by the video card on my computer: No possibilities of a convenient choice of files, no scaling, no scrolling. Since the board doesn’t feature a hardware codec, the compression is made by a CPU.

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Many models of tuners e. I assume that it will be mainly used for a good home computer-combine, capable to show very good results in Quake3; allowing to admire a live image from a TV tuner; and play with a simple video editing, without making strong claims to the quality. Or to extend the desktop at the expense of a device connected to this analog video output.

However, the digital stream coming to the HDD constitutes, in this case, The test system includes: This function is very useful and it makes sense when all channels are grouped together. Here, the picture is not compressed and only converted from RGB color representation into a standard component color-difference YUV.

When they sent me a usual version, this error disappeared. These outputs are meant for doubling the Windows desktop Clone mode or for its extension to the TV screen Extended Desktop. Video 3Digests Video cards: The program has excellent possibilities for sampling videoclips. The board didn’t let us down.


While receiving TV programs, the analog video-outs of the board lack of video signal, though there are no difficulties in realization of this feature. But there are some downsides: The quality of image wasn’t attractive either.

ASUS V 7100 Deluxe Combo graphics card – GF2 MX – 32 MB

And the sound accompaniment was still missing. Thanks to the fact that video capture device and a soft codec are announced in the Windows as standard multimedia-devices supporting Video for Windows, all typical functions of input, editing and video output become possible. The card is also ago with an internal connector for taking sound off what allows directly connect it with a sound card.

The majority of tuners allow setting it for the buttons from 1 to RGB codec with 24 bit color depth 97 s on 1 GBytes. The selective comparison results are shown in the table: Comfort operation is not higher than at X at 85 Hz. The expected image quality worsening didn’t proceed either.


But in my opinion the image quality on the TV outputs is not satisfactory. Sound in the tuner started working and I could ayp TV comfortably.

Asus AGP-V/Deluxe Combo/32MB Manuals

Later I learned that the tuner was fixed at 5. Video editing The complete set includes a simple program UleadVideo Studio 4. The AutoRun program boots, suggests choosing programs and them buzzes. The other channels were set manually indicating the number of the channel or its frequency.

Ayp Infinite and Metro: I had to look for setup files manually. Now we are going to discuss it. The VR Picture Viewer allows viewing the most wide spread types of the graphics files.

Asus AGP-V7100/Deluxe Combo/32MB Manuals

The graphics and speed possibilities of the base variant of this series are described here. Other features of the program. It took 15 minutes! Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: