The new BIOS didn’t fix the problem. Mon Nov 14, 6: I did notice one very nice touch, though, that I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere. If you’re like me and have a great socket CPU that is still very viable but no place to park it, there isn’t anyone out there saying there is a better board to be had than this one for a socket chip. It’s a good idea to update the BIOS as well if you’re still using the one that came installed with the board.

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Works great, excellent communication! I’ve never found a better match for all my older hardware peripherals than this ASUS motherboard. I have to admit it’s otherwise stable, but these onboard NIC issues are unacceptable. This may be preferable since heat is the main factor in shortened component lifetime, particularly with the powerful newer GPU’s.

I threw in a 3com and said to hell with it. Marco Ars Scholae Ethernrt Tribus: Everything else I worked out through google – even my RAM timing! SATA – connector s: Sir Kenin Ars Centurion Registered: Yeah, exactly what I did. Yeah, except I used to have it happen on p4p Deluxe- the one with 3com ethernet onboard.

P4PE Deluxe | ASUS Global

My faith in Asus kind of disappeared with the death of my P4P, which had been working great for months. What could be causing this? You wont be disappointed. I did notice one very nice touch, though, that I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere.


I grabbed as well, just in case. The board lived ethednet to its promise and did everything I wanted and more. Also, if you can get one of the transfer cards for about 12 bucks for putting chip on LGA board; they do exist – I don’t know how well they work though you may want to consider that the socket boards offer much more graphic card options for having the Pcie slots.

ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe, Socket 478, Intel (90-M8LCW0-G0UAYZ) Motherboard

Mon Nov 14, 6: My next motherboard will be anything but Asus. What do I do now?

I can only hope that I azus have as easy a time finding asue replacement board when the time comes for this one to crap out and I would be kidding myself to think that that time will never come: It’s a good idea to update the BIOS as well if you’re still using the one that came installed with the board. If you’re not a gamer, then there are plenty of available mainstream agps still being sold new and retail and tons used.

Built around the Intel PE chipset, it efficiently handles data flows between the connected devices. Hmm, the P4Pseries boards are among the most reliable we’ve seen Best Selling in Motherboards See all. I’ll give it a day or so and see if it does it again.

ATA – connector s: So, within a week, I had in hand a like-new replacement board that after the usual surgery enabled p48p00-e to restore my computer to like-new operation. So, I have to confess to being a fully satisfied customer on this particular item, and I’m glad that there are plenty of eBay vendors in the world who would support me in this opinion.


Asus P4P800e-Deluxe and Marvel NIC problem

After I reboot and log back into Windows to restore my network connection my secondary display doesn’t work. It is enabled in the display properties, but it is just a black screen. The service life of such highly complex pieces of techno-wizardry is hard to predict, and 5 years is about as long as most commercial users keep their computers running before surplusing them out for the latest crop of hardware.

If you do chance using them, it is advisable to ensure that the ports are correctly wired and connected specifically that pin 9 is a NO Etherneet pin and NOT acceptable to use as a ground if your ports have more than one and to also to check out the notice that was issued by Intel regarding ESD “best practices” to minimize the potential for problems.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. The new BIOS didn’t fix the problem.