The Asus U5F looks well because of its design The Asus U5F is shipped with two batteries, which increases the independence from AC adapters enormously. The U5F keyboard stretches across almost the entire width of the casing so the keys are well spaced out and comfortable to use. ASUS has also included software that can adjust the display based on six preset settings: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: It is not a bad score for an ultra-portable, but these specifications mean the U5F sits at the upper tier in the category, so we were expecting a little better.

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ASUS U5F / U5 Series

Google Pixel XL 8. Please share our article, every link counts! Thereby the notebook seems to be narrowly and deeply compared with widescreen competitors. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

ASUS U5F Review: – Notebooks – Ultraportable – Good Gear Guide Australia

Only a narrow silver border along the edges ornaments the base unit and the display. It’s refreshing to see ASUS making effective use of the notebook’s available space, as the keyboard extends to the far edges of the chassis.

Already after switching on, the fan of the U5F switches itself on and works with 35,6 dB clearly audibly. Although it appears to be heftier than other ultra-portable notebooks since it’s noticeably thicker 33mm compared to the Lenovo T60’s height of 25mmthe U5F isn’t a burden to carry around.


The U5F’s port layout includes most of the staple inputs and outputs, but one curious omission is an S-Video port — the only way to hook the notebook up to an external display is through the VGA output.

The pads left and right buttons require a firm press to activate and we found them largely hit and miss. The x pixel resolving XGA displaywhich is simewhat atypical for subnotebooks, seems to be sufficiently bright. The Asus U5F is shipped with two batteries, which increases the independence from AC adapters enormously. Given that the notebook comes with two battery packs — a six-cell and a three-cell — battery life is expectedly superb.

Above the keyboard are a row of buttons with neon blue LED lights indicating power, Bluetooth and caps lock and to the left is an in-built microphone. The key layout is inconspicuoussince all keys are found at the common positions and can be hit securely and well.

I need power and lots of it.

Review Asus U5F – Reviews

The maximally possible contrast was determined with a relation of only The surface of the pad is provided with a point pattern, which becomes noticeable during the use of the touchpad. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: Also the keyboard seems to be valuable and invites for tapping. The Asus U5F looks well because of its design Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme 8.


A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone. It seems somewhat wobbly and clearly is too small for longer work. Unfortunately, there is no S-Video port or built-in webcam. Make no mistake; this is a very sexy notebook. The display hinges can be adjusted with small energy expenditure, but do not allow any wobbling of the display.

The U5F has a 1. Would you buy this?

The notebook does not come with a fingerprint scanner – a feature many models are now including. The maximally possible total volume of the speakers, which are attached at the front edge of the notebook, is somewhat low.

A good ultraportable, the U5F offers excellent battery life and solid performance wrapped up in a stylish and attractive package. Some nice-to-have but not necessarily mandatory features offered by the U5F include Bluetooth 2. Slight surface deformations are possible at the right side in the range of the card reader and at the bottom over the DVD drive assembly.

Depending upon the used larger battery pack, the running times are appropriate for instance 2x or 3x over this value.