The default is EXA. Zuul 1, 3 14 Troubleshooting The fglrx driver conflicts with the radeon DRM driver. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. The fglrx drivers only work with certain versions of the X server.

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If you think quality is not optimal when playing back HD video with horizontal resolution larger than this setting linjx, increase this value. Each driver is composed out of five parts:.

radeon(4): ATI/AMD RADEON video driver – Linux man page

Pages with syntax highlighting errors Graphics Adapters. Used only when the DRI is enabled.

The Radeon HD series has been transitioned to legacy support, where drivers will be updated only to fix bugs instead of being optimized for new applications. This section only covers configuration details specific to oinux driver. The default value is 0x1E.

Chooses between available acceleration architectures. EXA is a newer acceleration architecture with better performance for the Render and Composite extensions.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tiling will be disabled if the virtual x resolution exceeds for R and aboveor if DRI is enabled and the drm module is too old. Only valid on PowerPC. Set AGP data transfer rate.

Option “ColorTiling” ” boolean “. Option “ForceLowPowerMode” ” boolean “. Accepted values range from todivisible by This should be set automatically, but no one knows what the limit is for which chip. Enable page flipping for 3D acceleration. XAA is the traditional acceleration architecture and support for it is very stable.

Sign up using Email and Password. If you see “no” instead of “enabled”, then you’ll have to look earlier in the log to see why it’s been disabled.

I tried removing every reasonable search result in synaptic of “ati” “amd” “amdccl” “radeon” “flgrx” and then restarted. Also overrides DDC monitor detection.

Check the manpage of the Radeon driver for advanced options. The free and open-source “Radeon” graphics driver supports most of the features implemented into the Radeon line of GPUs. Retrieved from ” https: See article on R’s pixel shaders. Override minimum dot clock. The free and open-source drivers are primarily developed on Linux and for Linux, but have been ported to other operating systems as well.



Retrieved 7 December List of R GPUs. The default value is off.

The default is on. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The demonstrated development board is on PCI Express 2. This generally solves the problem.