I looked at your log, and I found a warning that I have not seen before: The best way to know what it is to go here: Change the “Driver ‘ati'” line to “Driver ‘radeon'”. Il te reste les autres environnements comme: That’ll help me figure this out. Switching between VT and X is momental.

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Unless someone were to make a nice script Log in to your normal username.

Only test so far has been to run glxgears for an hour with no problems. ATI client glx version string: The thing is ombility the old Dapper drivers, those games crash a lot more then Edgy ones. According to one search result, it could be you are using the wrong driver.

If you like to adventure out into the unkown, and know how to use Google’s and these forums’ search functions to your advantage, then go for it! I’m slightly confused about what your problem was, and what is fixed now. I’ve got a ThinkPad R40 with a 16mb M6 LY, and I’ve never been able to get good framerate in opengl games if they even got started without freezing X with garbage all over the screenuntil now.


Radeon kms works!

Also I had to change my xorg. If you don’t have direct rendering scroll down past this indented part if you have direct rendiringrun this command: Do you think that it is the right card? Restart your computer or X after each change. I’m only 1 month with Ayi, and my knowledge is far away to be mobjlity.

GeForce Go Ultra. All Users – Dapper and Edgy Attention! Quadro FX Go Please let me know if you would want any other information to assist your understanding of this problem, which is driving me nuts.

Hello all, Sure that the downgradeing from Dapper to edgy is still necessary? I was not sure at the time when I had a go, if the driver did support mobility or not.

ATI Mobility Radeon M6

I followed this guide, ran into the freeze with glxinfo grep direct and glxgears, editted my xorg. The M7 model seems to be much better then the M6 model makes sense llnux, so the FPS on moobility cards are obviously different.

I have installed edgy knot 3 and can’t get 3d acceleration. Iris Pro Graphics My framerates are incredibly slow, resulting in occasional problems playing WoW like now, my system chokes at semi-regular intervals making it dangerous to go adventuring but everything else runs smoothly, even when my processor seems to be running flat out. I’m working every day on this because I’m affected all the time by this.


Drivers that don’t support glcore will produce this error.

Did you really follow Part I all the way through? Option “SWcursor” “true” More stable this way.

Having a problem logging in? Change the “Driver ‘ati'” line to “Driver ‘radeon'”. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

Check out this chunk of log: I experienced the total freezes too see previous post http: Radeon RX Desktop. It may be that Kubuntu automatically sets the depth to 16, which is all that is necessary for 3D to work at the bare minimum.