Antenna is not detachable Loading Currently you are only able to block only a single site; I hope that Aztech will release a new firmware that enables a list of at least 10 sites for better control. Posted December 29, If it still happens please contact or just twit them on twitter to reset your ADSL port. Many of people might think that you only need to setup port forwarding for torrents or P2P downloads. Price Range MYR I hope Aztech improves the parental control setting.

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So Asus would be considered to be of better quality, with better network stability? In the video below I will show you both methods and also ran a Speedtest. Only share the aztsch to the people you want to give the network access.

I do remember one of the rants on Facebook saying that their default modem will be disconnected after several hours of usage but the Aztech DSLEN is totally fine.

Aztech ADSL2+ Ethernet USB Combo Modem

To have the internet connectivity first you have to setup your ISP username. It happens to my other router too, with Streamyx I also recommend you to first restart the modem if you are experiencing slow connection.


Posted December 29, This might be a useful tool for parents who wants to control their child internet usage. Price Range MYR Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Aztech ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem Router

Did it does suport usb storage or is there another way around? Many of people might think that you only need to setup port forwarding for torrents or Mosem downloads.

Basically this is a feature that is locked in most provided TMnet modems. Of course the price is a little bit expensive, but you will have total control on the network with it.

Details about this review. Now we have internet connectivity but we must secure the wireless connection from unauthorized access. Antenna is not detachable Loading Looks good and works as advertised.

Configuring this modem should be a piece of cake even for beginners. The last time i test, it just support for printer only. Btw, the configurations are as follows: Before you setup port forwarding please make sure that you enabled the port number in Windows firewall or just disable it.

Pick your own SSID name and Pre-shared key as the password, and then follow as my video below to ensure a secure wireless connectivity. In the video below I also demo-ed how it works. DNS settings are also an important thing to configure. This tool allows you to block any listed aztedh within a pre-determined of time. I hope Aztech improves the parental control setting.


It is a fairly cheap modem with decent features. Hi, I would like to buy a new modem replacing the default modem that TMNet gave me.

As for my observation, the device is buggy because it works as a Modem and a Router. Enabled Router IP Address: There are two ways to configure it, either using Quick Start for normal user or advanced setup for more control.

Aztech ADSL2+ 150Mbps Wireless-N 4-Port Modem Router

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Net, All Rights Reserved. Hi, Just bought this today, to replace my faulty dlink e. Since the TMnet DSL terminal exchange is very near to my residential area, 8MBs downstream or above is my moedm speed while for the upstream 0.