Do you have any idea what the problem may be? Sira na po ba ung line namin? Apparently, changing the SSID and password corrupts the modem firmware somehow??? If so, ano sasabihin ko sa pldt? Please refer to the full User More information.

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Subscribed to PLDT dsl with the same modem. Please use only wired network connections to configure the Router. Most people have a better setup if you simply use the baudtec as a single access point directly connected to your afsl line then have it connected to your asus router where the asus router is doing the wifi management; but I know this does not work in your case since you initially wanted the range to expand, but given newer routers baudtc they have better chance of extending range and signal quality than the limited baudtec routers PLDT provides.

If you currently use a modem, More information. In the Manage network connections, double click on ” Manage network connections ” to continue.

Router Screenshots for the BaudTec RN243R4 – PLDT

You can later change the wireless settings via the wireless configuration menu. I only have the basic and security tab.


Are you still getting the same problem? Pero to change password, eto po yung screenshot: One assl my friends experienced that problem with a custom rom. Yes, nagkaroon kami ng internet. For further details on Wireless Lan settings or on the different security modes, such as: Click on Connect or Apply 5.

BaudTec corporation

The information in this booklet will guide you through the process of connecting to the internet with. He asked me to call back after an hour. Even in this current situation, it happened 2 out of 5 times. It has happened often enough to actually make me wonder if this is a common trick baudtwc by some dishonest agents. No part of this documentation may be reproduced in any form or by any.

Sir Manuel pano ididisable yung WiFi functionality ng baudtec?

If your on pro-mode you can buy those 20php heatsinks from Raon or from your nearest scrapyard you know what to do na. Or pano ichange ang password nung basic admin baudtc

BaudTec RN263R4

You need to call PLDT and have their technician check the line. If makuha man ang speed na 1.

Naku sorry na spoil ko pa ata. Customer can contact our Customer Care Hotline at 11 Customer. Router rear panel Installation Installation procedure: Please click ” Ethernet connection ” button to continue.


SG :: BaudTec RNR4 DSL Wireless Router

There should be a signal bar on the moden right of your screen near the date and time. Searching for devices in the local. Tried this maybe 8 times, nothing.

The only option I have right now is to either change the PW permanently or block the unauthorised IP address. Please act according to your local regulations and do not dispose your old products with your normal household waste.

When I wrote the post last June I had already stuck the router on the wall outside my room leaving enough space at the back to get to the baudfec button using double sided tape. The dsl is blinking at the router and our phone has no dial tone at all.

A standard Wireless Router does not come equipped with the More information.