Right now, I’d recommend using a Magellan only if you have one already. Thanks for the info. Hopefully I’ll be up and running soon There, you can see what is most likely causing these restrictions. For example, making sure it avoids going through a certain city and bypassing it, instead? While recording trip logs, Tru-Traffic doesn’t like these long gaps.

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Which GPS do you recommend? Thank You for Submitting Your Review,! Response times will vary due to fluctuations in volume and staffing.

I am an avid Microsoft software user. I cannot delete any of the entries made in the Serual for a campground dialog and other search and trip planning dialogs.

UnderTow Software – Mapping & GIS – TLDCN Support

I’m fairly computer savy. Positive or Negative Values? So I’m still really confused.

So if you wish to use a Garmin, you’re mostly on your own as I can be of only minimal help. I checked and double emhlation the spelling and I am typing the city name followed by a comma, followed by a two letter state abbreviation, like the help file suggests!

It will also tell you to which COM port the GPS is connected to and even change the Baud Rate to make it compatible with virtually any mapping application.

Open the trip planning dialog, start a new trip and enter the starting point you want your address, or any other starting point. This driver is not for use with the 64bit version of Windows.


I’m having a mess of problems, i had to install the driver for Vista that came on the CD. Select the Option tab 3. Two chips sets seem especially promising for use in urban canyons and under tree canopies: They will loose a lot of Truckers business by not going to 64 bit because 32 bit is becoming a thing of the past just like they will be by not forward thinking. Open the Printer Dialog 2. Mar 2, Messages: However, I think the right choice is to abandon the BT anyway.

You can use the Garmin proprietary interface, instead of the NMEA interface, provided you have either a serial port or a virtual serial port. I have to be missing something? This allows you to take just the GPS receiver out in the field, without the laptop, record you trips, then download them into Tru-Traffic after you return to the office.

There are GPS receivers from other manufacturers, but I have no personal experience with them, and I don’t know of any Tru-Traffic users working with them, so right now I can’t pass on any more information about them.

One user reports delprme using DeLorme Serial Emulator for this purpose. The color of the routing exclusion rectangles is light Pink if the exclusions are enabled or light Green, if they are disabled.

Delorme LT (USB) & Windows 7 (64 Bit)?

Access the Delorme device driver settings again, and set the virtual COM port to a different number you may want to try a number lf and above.


The DeLorme Serial Emulator is a system tray utility that provides access to the settings and status of an Earthmate reciever. Are you sure this works with Delorme? The basic eTrex is relatively inexpensive but requires separate purchase of the data cableand they all have the advantages that they have a fairly long battery life and can also work as a standalone unit — they don’t have to be connected to the laptop.

Delorme LT (USB) & Windows 7 (64 Bit)? | Stormtrack

Once Run Box appears, 1 type D: I was forced to move to another computer. It actually is so much better not having to deal with seriap stupid delorme emulator. How can I tell the program to stop at a specific campground, and how can tell it that I want to stay there more than one night?

Results 1—5 of 5 1. I upgraded to the new Delorme on deoorme Windows 7 64 bit system. Note that if you have problems, it could be that some other driver is trying to use the same port.