In what countries can the power adapter included with the UD work? Windows does not have the ability to adjust the brightness of a USB-attached display, so the behavior is expected. Why does my wireless mouse or keyboard appear sluggish or not work properly when used with the dock? ChromeOS has built-in support for most DisplayLink-based devices. If this happening, these settings need to be changed.

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It enables easy transition to computers and devices enabled with the new USB—C connector. Please see this Chromium Issue for the most recent updates.

With the Anniversary or Creators Update to Windows 10, Microsoft has now integrated support for the DisplayLink technology used in our docking station into Windows itself, and in certain cases applications which make use of OpenGL may not work as expected. I installed the dock on my laptop and everything works well with the laptop lid open. Please take caution if purchasing a Type-C to Type-A adapter cable as many cables on the market do not follow proper USB Type-C Power Delivery signalling and could xtation cause damage to your system or dock!

No driver install is needed. Please see our detailed blog post on the subject here for more information about video cable options. At this time we diisplaylink not statjon prongs for any other outlet style.


This behavior has been known displyalink occur in rare instances, and is a known bug in the Chrome browser being tracked by the Chrome developers. Microsoft and DisplayLink the maker of the chip in our dock and author of the driver have identified a bug within the Windows 10 Anniversary and Creators Update.

DisplayLink USB Graphics Drivers – Plugable

VESA standard and widescreen resolutions are supported by most software, including: Get the most of your workstation with two ultra-high-def monitors. As mentioned above, the DisplayLink driver does not currently support this type of color adjustment so applications like f.

For DisplayLink drivers, sometimes they need to be uninstalled and reinstalled before they will show up in Gatekeeper to approve. Since our devices do not support HDCP, the playback of these types of media will not work.

HDCP is a protection mechanism employed to prevent perfect digital copies of protected media. If you need to increase element or text size you will need to lower the resolution instead.

Is there a workaround? Do you have any videos that can help? The steps are as follows:. Connecting wireless devices to one of the top-most USB 2.

Direct links to each specific style are:.

Plugable UD Dual Display Universal Docking Station – Plugable

If attached to a legacy USB 3. I use an application to change the color of my display to make it doxking to see like the f.


Our Thunderbolt 3 docks and graphics adapters also do not use DisplayLink. If you are installing on a Windows Vista system, please use: USB ports on the dock function as a USB hub only; no special charging functionality for charging tablets and smartphone devices.

While Dofking can adjust the brightness of my internal laptop display or directly connected external display using the Windows Display Settings application, this option is grayed out and not available for the displays attached to the dock.

Where to Buy

Please watch our short video on the subject here to help resolve the issue. If you simply need to share the dock between two systems, the dock can be manually disconnected from the first system and then manually connected to the second system. DisplayLink based on a single system. Even though drivers are provided automatically.

What options are available? Featured product using DisplayLink technology Targus Dock Get the most of your workstation with two ultra-high-def monitors.

We have written about this in more detail in our blog displaulink on the subject here. Why does my wireless mouse or keyboard appear sluggish or not work properly when used with the dock?