Retrieved from ” https: As I mentioned earlier, one has to experience playing this in order to understand how your fingers would feel while touching them. We are dealing with power hungry heavy machines, not toys. Therefore either you have to connect this device to a pair of speakers, headphones or work via a system. When the keyboard option is enabled, the preset patches comes with a wide variety of sound styles such as basic acoustic piano and electric piano models. The Xa still uses the same Waveforms and the new X series Chip. Anyone in their right mind won’t be using these sounds in a professional arrangement.

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This comes with 3 MFX processors with dedicated routing map, a dedicated reverb, chorus and mastering processor. Initially when you switch on the Fantom, you would be taken through a cool demo.

It gives you a choice for every selection you make. For those who are concerned about the technical controlling of sounds and mixing processes, don’t worry, Fantom X8 takes care of that too by providing you a special button “Effects”. I am not a huge fan of the acoustic guitar patches, as they sound very machine and robotic.

Along with this, for all the settings you make, Roland provides you with 4 global options Tone 1,2,3 and 4 that you could go through for every change you make. There is a “Patch edit” option already available over the board, and when enabled, gives you a variety of options such as modulating the cut-off frequency, resonance, the filter types, ADSR, advanced envelope and pitch editing.


This workstation does not have an in-built monitor playback setup. Every effect you choose, provides you with immense amount of detailed adjustment. Since there is a USB – MIDI direct connection feature provided, you can transfer the performances without the need of an external midi – interface, directly to your system in both. Other than this, there are a few other beautiful – well planned knobs providing users with more options to discover and manipulate every sound within.

“A perfect workstation Monster!” – Reviews Roland Fantom X8 – Audiofanzine

fwntom Scroll through some amazing effects such as the “telephone”, “3d delay”, “limiter”, “gate”, “overdrive”, “distortion”, “auto-pan”, which are some of my favourites.

Write a user review Ask for a user review. I love the “Basement” and the “X finger” bass. Total of 12 different SRX boards were s8. Almost all the sampled sounds represent and deliver the original character and persona of every instrument in its original way. Log in Become a member. I recommend everyone to install and download this even though this might not be needed for the late MAC’s, not sure about PC.

Did you find this review helpful? Its been more than 5 years now with the X88, and I usually use this as Midi – keyboard with my DAW for programming music.

Roland Fantom-X6 – Key Workstation with 8-Track FANTOM-X8 B&H

Roland made sure that this could withstand even for rugged uses. Anyone in their right mind won’t be fanom these sounds in a professional arrangement. But, to be very honest, there is no need to do an update, unless you really need it.


One thing I most love about this workstation is the new Live Piano mode, when enabled, completely transforms the workstation into an 88 – key split stereo sampled progressive hammer-actioned Grand Piano mode.

Closing your ears and playing a sound, you will immediately recognise, this is a piano fqntom coming from the FANTOM X8 and not a grand piano. The keys are extremely soft and delicate, but very strong and durable. The Pitch-bend and the Modulation lever is provided in one same joystick controller towards the left side of the keyboard.

Overall, the patches are well made and designed.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fantom-G accepts new ARX wave expansion cards, has larger full-color screen [5] fantoom, 16 insert effects per patch and other improvements.

Roland Fantom X8 88-key Sampling Workstation X-8

No In-built monitor setup This is common for most of the workstations, but I wish if it was accommodated vantom. Editing a patch is very easy. The Mastering option takes things onto a different level completely. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Extended hours of playing will not make your fingers tired. I have never used this till now or never needed fantm for my work platform.