All pedals will behave differently with different pedals. Thanks a lot for sharing! I tried different tubes which worked pretty well but I changed it back to the stock 12AX7 because I needed more gain in after all. I think that older sounds little warmer but it makes a huge different what amp is used. I love the Evolution, and the M1 may be my favorite pedal of all time. Which combination would work best? Only proves your point of it being a transparent overdrive I suppose … ; They should really get you on there btw ;.

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This is my instruments:. See this feature for some amp setup tips. It growls and screams.

The Big Muff tone tutorial |

Learn how your comment data is processed. Yesterday my first butler tube driver arrived … and I have to say that I am really impressed! Colorsound Powerboost The pedal was mostly used as a dedicated overdrive. gilkourish

And also should I get a Rams head clone or a triangle clone? I set the EQ about like: Boss DD-2 digital delay level October 4, at How do you like it?

David Gilmour’s BK Butler Tube Driver | Equipboard®

Very little is known from the sessions. I think Tube driver behaves better with less treble and gklmourish upstream mostly using it with low mid frequencyand then you can bring up those two areas downstream.


These three pedals will cover most of his stuff and you can easily build on that. I keep a 12AU7 in my overdrive TD.

The Big Muff tone tutorial

In this way I would always have the same timbre, which is the one I like most. I have a Fuzz Pedal not very good brand. This site has taught me so much about tone, and how to set up proper rigs for live and home use. On my amp, at least: As with most muff, when the tone is active the mids are scooped, with my combination of guitar and amp this is producing a HUGE low end.

And congratulations on your new daughter Bjorn! See this feature for more details and explanations. See this feature for tips on setting up your amp in a bedroom. Good luck with finding a new one: See this feature for more details.

The M1 is also designed to emulate the tone from an already stacked Muff so you should be careful with adding too much gain and compression. Does this even matter? Phil Taylor, the genius designer at Effectrode, used the exact components in the SR Blackbird as were used in the original preamp sections of the famous Fender Blackface smooth as silkthe equally famous Dumble preamplification section, and finally an overdiven Dumble preamp section.


It gets me beautiful barely-distorted tones, screaming leads, and the mid-boost puts it right out in front of the mix. A mids boost on your Muff or from an EQ will be more accurate and efficient I guess as you would apply it only when needed.

Your advice will be greatlu appreciated. He then starts building it for you, tests it, and when satisfied, ships it. It has more than enough gain and mids to operate alone. And do you think it can be better than dd3 for pink floyd tones? Read more about that here. Set it clean and roll back the tone to avoid any harsh overtones.