Any modifications to your notebook not expressly approved by the manufacturer could void the authority to operate the notebook in these regions. When traveling, be sure to carry your computer properly to minimize strain on your body. Operating system and software applications by Microsoft are licensed to you under the Microsoft License Agreement contained in the Microsoft documentation or displayed on your screen when Microsoft Software Products are launched. The tests are designed to run after the system reboots. Connecting a mono plug into either of these jacks may damage the computer. If so, prepare your computer for shipment as follows.

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Reinstall the hard drive screws and plugs. Turning on communication and making a connection If your computer has both wireless The following recommendations should help you work more comfortably. Hibernate mode Saves maximum power. The following diagram shows the main status lights on the front of the computer.

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Infrared port on certain models. Caps Lock is amc20439. If you are using your notebook as your primary computer, or using it for extended periods, you should use it with a full-sized keyboard, monitor, and mouse.


Even though the modem is capable of downloading at 56 Kbps, your ISP or modem network may not operate at this speed or support this technology. ASCII for passphrase, hexadecimal for key string.

Try connecting a different computer to the cable. Begin using the computer: Troubleshooting and Maintenance Reinstalling and Updating Software 5. Follow the onscreen instructions. The technology code is shown on the serial-number label on the bottom of the computer, and it is also included in the BIOS version number.

There are no serviceable parts inside. On the Power Schemes tab, select a power scheme. Make sure Bluetooth communication is turned on—see the previous topic. To use a hot key, press and hold Fn, press the appropriate second key, and then release both keys. Group 3 fax, Class 1.

Kensington MicroSaver lock slot. To view a message, click it once. Customer may use the software on any one HP product. Reference Guide 65 Modem and Network Connections Making Wireless Network Connections To turn wireless communication on and off Important Wireless networks and cellular modems are examples of devices that use wireless communication.

Give your notebook a unique name that will identify it to other Bluetooth users. Wrap the cable around a secure object, such as a table leg.


Sharing files with another Bluetooth device FTP 1. Get Default Values Restores default settings, and remains in Setup.

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Physical Attributes Size inch display: The hard disk may need to be replaced or reformatted while your computer is being repaired. Set the refresh rate on the Monitor tab. Exit any applications, and then remove and reinsert the card. Double-click the infrared port and make sure that the device is enabled.

HP DAKT9TB16B9 Board Mouse Button and LED Amc20493 Computer Laptop

With the default display settings, the external monitor uses the same settings as the internal display. If your hard disk is partitioned into several drives, you can install the factory software on drive C without affecting other drives.

HP warrants to you, the end-user