T43 connected with no problem to my WPA2 network, the T40 did not. I upgraded my T40 from horrible Intel b to Intel bg and never looked back. I have finally rejoined the dark side. If you absolutely need WPA2, you will need to upgrade to a newer card that supports it. Thanks to all who contributed.

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But on mine, the little selector box shows only plain WPA.

I upgraded my Wirsless from horrible Intel b to Intel bg and never looked back. You can find the installation information for most popular operating systems in the Online User Guide.

Those 2100b/2200bf is not related so it’s not like WPA2 require Direct Download External Mirror. This release incorporates the following: I started with my trusty T42, it could see the network and correctly identified it as a WPA2 network.

Downloads for IntelĀ® PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection

Some refer to The option for WPA2 never comes up. Mike Th i nkpads: And, please confirm which version of Access Connections you are using. I found some info on Intel’s website and it looks like some b qireless have WPA2 support.


I haven’t tried finding the Intel drivers versus the Lenovo ones. I’m using the same driver number and have Access Connections 4. This is very interesting.

Drivers download

Check with your PC manufacturer for details on availability. Hello, I just got my new atheros ar, but I for got how I the antennas were oriented before I took my old wifi card out? Found a bad link?

I have a t40 with the wireless LAN adapter. EXE file in the root of this archive. The device driver provides for communications between the hardware adapter itself and the software device management utility and operating system. No registered users and 12 guests. I believe that the series of Intel’s wireless cards do and ever card made after that. I also think that most people don’t care what the old I guess the reason for that is because they want to sell new wlan adapters and some older Get tech support here.

I’ll mark this up as “Marc was ignorant but learned something new today.


FS: INTEL PRO Wireless mini-pci card 2100B and 2200BG versions

Intel WiFi card failure? I didn’t know that!! Where can I find windows Thanks to all who contributed.

Oh yeah I should mention I was letting XP manage my connections. WPA2 requires G functionality? For me, WPA2 is not that important to upgrade to Intel bg card or higher.

View complete realease notes here: The driver has to support WPA2 too also and intel never realeased any drivers for the that did that since it’s not supposed to WPA was a strectch for it in the first place, they just did it to at least get people away from WEP. I’ve updated it to the woreless driver 1.