The sub unit, tucked away in a ported enclosure that also contains the W amplifier, contains a 6. Two-way system using 0. It was obvious now that a computer sound system could sound extremely good and have power, but there were many users for whom the 4 channel system was less than ideal. Here’s how Klipsch describes their system: The fuse appeared intact to the eye and also checked fine when testing with a digital multimeter DMM. The obvious solution was for a company to produce a high quality sound system for use with a computer or other personal audio device, such as a portable CD or MP3 player.

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Next I removed all screws to open the access panel.

Klipsch ProMedia Subwoofer | eBay

I was missing sound from the right sided speaker!!!! Failure of main power transformer. MP3 two-channel soundcard miniplug. I found an excellent webpage posted by Dale Thompson that provides many electronic schematics and suhwoofer to explain the operation of the 2. With W of power, the system was of a magnitude unheard of in the PC audio arena.

It was definitely a step forward in the evolution of computer gaming speakers. This is know as a bipolar power source.

Klipsch ProMedia subwoofer repair – Page 1

I discovered that your human body will actually show a resistance of about K to 1. More can be learned from the THX website, www. We had our unit for about 9 years and suddenly the unit would not show any signs of life.


Testing main transformer primary wiring. The fuse appeared intact to the eye and also checked fine when testing with a pgomedia multimeter DMM.

Since October ofKlipsch sunwoofer have sat on desktops, pumping out powerful, clear sound from their fourpoint gaming system, the v. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Two-way system using 0.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

Some of the new high quality personal audio systems are being produced by startup companies, and some by computer accessory companies. The “next step” premiered last October with the introduction of the ProMedia 2. Installation of the new transformer went pretty with some soldering and heat shrink tubing and I was delighted when first switching it on I could hear all the usual signs of life.

Log in Don’t have an account? At first I thought the transformer was ok, but after making sure that my fingers were away from the metal probes prkmedia confirmed that there was surely a break inside the primary circuit.

Home stereo speakers subwoover are not magnetically shielded, so they had to be kept away from the monitor, and the stereo components were bulky and added complexity and heat to the workspace. Please use the above table to see that your transformer is performing properly if you are having a power problem. When measuring wires with the DMM probes make sure that your fingers are not touching the probes at the 21 time.


Those who had the ambition usually connected their computer sound output to their stereo systems.

A sugwoofer channel system had the potential to conquer a market much like the v. Regardless of music played, multimedia sound systems all sounded the same: The first step was to check that the main fuse was not blown.

Quick features that reflect the most common feedback following the v. After doing a good amount of searching on the web about the ProMedia system I found a lot of other owners have similar and sometimes worse problems with their units such as burnt out resistors, capacitors, transistors or issues with the control klilsch.

See page 2 from my Klipsch Home page. Though there is a marketing factor involved in utilizing the THX certification, there is testing and standards in place to back it up. After studying the schematic for the main power supply I noticed that the next step was to test the secondary transformer wires that provide lower voltage both in positive and negative relation.

However, this solution was far from perfect. No green light on the control module, no thump of the subwoofer when switched on, and no internal click of the relay.