I did flash a BIOS once and it bricked my video card, however all you need to do is put a 2nd video card into your system and then flash your bricked card again. But let’s wait and see what the outcome will be. But as far as a price is concerned it is closer to the GeForce3 Ti Users browsing this forum: In the Titanium review we showed that the Ti and GeForce3 based cards differed in design.

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Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Log in Don’t have an account? Write leeadtek comment below. The cooler, as you can see, is glued with the thermo grease. Temperature, fan speed, and voltages are all monitored via the Winbond WS chip, while the WR takes care of lighting up the diagnostic LEDs that lie on the top right of the board.

Leadtek WinFast Titanium TDH – NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January

And now we are going to look at the design of the Leadtek WinFast GeForce3 Ti and compare it with the reference one: Thank God it didn’t happened The senior was called Ti Titaniumand the junior was called Ti Titanium The need to upgrade a video BIOS is uaully quite rare.

Quake3 Arena demo, standard modes The tests were carried out in two modes: For an experienced user it means that he can buy a relatively cheap card on the GeForce3 Ti and get a normal GeForce3 with no troubles. Besides, in our 3Digest you can find thorough information on the 3D performance of GeForce3 cards on different platforms.


Well, it is a common cooling device both for the memory and the GPU. But let’s wait and see what the outcome will be.

As you know, the 3. The complete characteristics of video cards of this and other classes can be found in our 3Digest.

However, hotter elements can heat up considerably those which warm up less. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: On the one hand, such a solution will uniformly spread the heat, but on the other hand, it can overheat those elements which warm up less.

NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January 2002

Besides, the cooler is quite weak. Sometimes going all the way is just a start I found that upgrading the Matrox G was a good idea. The chip couldn’t get higher than MHz, though its frequency managed to exceed MHz.

This allows the manufacturers to lift a frequency of the 3. As for the Tithe specification provides for memory operating at MHz that is why the 5 ns memory, which is currently used in GeForce2 Pro cards, is sufficient, and this will allow the company to cut the production expenses. The set of accessories is quite rich as it includes an adapter, an S-Video extender and two games.


In the Titanium leastek we showed that the Ti and GeForce3 based cards differed in design. Such a card as the Ti may turn out to become unstable, especially in tightly closed cases without additional cooling.

VOGONS • View topic – Leadtek Winfast Titanium Geforce3 – VGA BIOS

My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more TV-out Since video cards of these class are not equipped with the TwinView technology, it titanjum difficult to display an image simultaneously on a TV screen and on a monitor, especially without utilities from the third companies.

Regarding the need to upgrade a video card’s BIOS: But such a step will let the company mark out its product.

The cooler is unusually big: The card ships in a Titqnium package which has all the same accessories.

Look how accurately the heatsink is designed: It would be interesting to flash this video card’s BIOS.