It uses the industry-standard Java language. It supports many third party sensors. This is far faster x15 or so than the RCX version [ citation needed ] , has more memory available, a menu system, Bluetooth support using the Bluecove library, and allows access to many other NXT features. Retrieved 10 March It has advanced navigation support. It allows you a choice of professional Integrated Development Environments including Eclipse and Netbeans. This article is about the firmware replacement for Lego Mindstorms programmable bricks.

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LeJOS, Java for Lego Mindstorms / NXJ

In May 0. Retrieved 22 August It supports safe memory management with garbage collection. This allows the robotics developer to work with high-level abstractions without having to worry about details like the hexadecimal addresses of hardware components. It is much faster than NXT-G.

Broadly speaking, the releases have leos on improvements to navigation algorithms, as well as support for numerous 3rd party sensors and the Eclipse plug-in. This library made use of the standard Lego firmware. Retrieved 5 December It has advanced navigation support.


Lekos Web site has online forums to help solve any problems you might have, to share projects ideas, and to communicate with the development team. It has an easy to use menu system. It has plugins for both Eclipse and Netbeans. It has a flash file system accessed by the standard java.

NXJ technology

This article is about the firmware replacement for Lego Mindstorms programmable bricks. Retrieved from ” https: Many contributors joined the project and provided important enhancements. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Articles with unsourced statements from November A wealth of java open source projects such as Apache Math are likewise available to the NXJ robotics developer.

In addition to numerous improvements to the core classes, the Eclipse plugin was released along with a new version of the tutorial.

It includes also the iCommand. For the nnxt by Toby Lovesee Lejos. Other companies, such as MindSensors [4] and HiTechnic [5] have extended this basic set by providing advanced sensors, actuators and multiplexers.


This wipes out any files currently held on the LEGO firmware. It provides floating point Math, trigonometry and other Math functions. It supports data logging and remote capturing lwjos the logs.

Contributions are accepted from other members of the community.

leJOS – Wikipedia

It supports object-oriented programming. It has support for simple computer vision applications. It started out as a hobby open source project, which he later forked into what is known nxxt as leJOS. Inthe 0.

The platform has been used in university robotics courses, undergraduate research projects and as a platform for robotics research. Views Read Edit View history.

Download leJOS NXJ

It supports listeners and events. Inthere were 2 more major releases: Board games Serious Play. It supports other probabilistic robotics algorithms such as Kalman filters.