Windows won’t do that, and there are various other, safer ways to access the shutdown procedure, anyway. Well, except to get the odd bit of schmutz off the mouse feet, anyway. But, again, if you just want something shiny, it’s highly recommended. Regardless of colour and connector, all of the mini Ortek keyboards are pretty obviously a cheap laptop keyboard module, put in a case just big enough to hold it. Because this is a laptop keyboard, the keys are full-size, but there aren’t as many of them as usual. As it is, it’s great if you need it and lousy if you don’t. Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab.

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Start of add to list layer. The driver enables Web mc, keys that go Back and Forward, open your default browser, and open your default e-mail client.

The TrackPoint’s on the right hand side of the keyboard, and it’s easy to work it with your thumb. It’ll probably be louderthough; if you want a really quiet keyboard, cheap laptop ‘boards are pretty good.

Adesso MCK800 Wired Keyboard

Back to home page Return to top. Or it may go to standby, wake up when you want it to, then hang. Right after doing something, it draws 4mA, but after less than a minute of inactivity it drops back to its 1mA snooze mode. See full item description. Sleep puts your ATX -compliant PC – assuming you have one – into sleep mode, if it knows how to do it.


Personally, I don’t know what the heck a power button’s doing on a keyboard. I’ll get to them in a moment.

Well, have I got a couple of products for you. The IR runs from four included AA cells, which mount in this neat in-line bay, in between the keyboard’s fixed rubber-based back feet. The button feel is fine, the wheel feel is rather light but at least the things click, you’re not likely to be pressing the side buttons by accident all the time, and it looks good, too. If you’re running Win98 or later, three of these buttons can do things without any special software.

How long the batteries will last with klqvye keyboard in actual use is hard to say, because it depends on how much you do with it.

The more buttons these funny looking mouses have, the worse they’re likely to be. The GreatEYE is smaller than the Explorer – which is just as well, as Microsoft’s flagship mouse is as big as most people can reasonably handle. When it’s sitting there doing nothing, the Zippy ‘board draws about one milliamp mA from its batteries. The problem with many cheap Taiwanese mouses is that their ergonomics suggest that they were designed for the moist, suction-cupped tentacle-hands of Lovecraftian batrachian abominations.

You can end up having to deliberately bind no function to the buttons you can’t help clicking every time you touch the darn thing.

Right and left buttons, right and left side buttons one easily pressed with the thumb, one not so easily pressed with the ring finger or pinkyand the forward wheel can be clicked down, too. The 8800 key isn’t actually particularly evil; it’s just dumb, because pressing any key should wake up an ATX machine that’s in standby.


Adesso MCK Wired Keyboard | eBay

The Zippy’s keyboard feels nicer than the Ortek ‘boards; there’s more key travel, and klave ‘board itself has a slight horizontal convex curve that makes it a bit more comfortable to type on. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab This one, for instance, is an MCK according to both distributor and sticker But recently, they’ve started making these little ilavye.

Anyway, there are various other colour and plug permutations. Well, except to get the odd bit of schmutz off the mouse feet, anyway.

Ortek Eagle Touch Internet Multimedia Computer Keyboard (MCK) FREE SHIPPING | eBay

And you can’t beat that price. And it’s got Windows keys as well, crowding up the bottom row and bringing the total proper-keys count to But, again, if you just want something shiny, it’s highly recommended. If you don’t install the mlavye software, the aforementioned special keys do nothing. It’s got interesting curvy Star Trekky styling, jck it’s not an unusable design exercise that no human can operate. But this one, at least, has no obvious traps.