Once it’s off, the cable is most easily cut from the top. If you have a 3 rotor Mazda 20B engine 2. The V6 Mondeo has a 6 post coil. Articles needing cleanup from July All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from July Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from July If the Trigger Angle setting is less than 15 deg the code will use “Next Cylinder” sparking, which means it will work out the timing for the next spark rather than the current spark, this is perfectly acceptable.

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In order to drive 2 coils from the same spark output the wiring is very similar to the multiple wiring, except that there are now 2 x BIP’s per spark output. Remember you only need to fit the same amount of VB’s as you require outputs. It is usually set up for the cranking angle when there are enough teeth.

The crank pulley bolt is 19mm. Trigger Input Options for V2. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. The crank wheel must have at least half as many teeth as the number of cylinders.

With this option you need to set up the “Wheel Decoder Settings”this means you need to know where the first missing tooth passes the sensor with respects to the timing, or what tooth the sensor is detecting when the timing is at TDC.

Using a multimeter set to resistance to a suitable range, check between pin 2 and 3 this is the Spark Signal Input and Ground. Distributor Points with spark. If you do wish to use these then you will have to build a daughter board of some form to mount the components on.


This means you’ll have to lift the MAP sensor up unbolt it first: Logic level ignition output When using logic level coils or an external ignition mefasquirt, the ECU needs to be configured to supply logic-level outputs.

This db15 is NOT the same as the V3.

Fit your strobe onto no. The only important thing is that the rotor arm points to the correct contact in the distributor cap. The assembled controller takes input from several sensors in order to manage the fuel injectors, including a throttle position sensor TPSexhaust gas oxygen sensor EGO or O 2 sensorMAP sensortach signal or crank position sensorintake air temperature sensor IATand a coolant temperature sensor CLT.

The easiest way to access the sensor is to remove the front wheel if it’s not already removedlie on your back, and reach up from the bottom to access the sensor mounting bolts.

With an MSD box, the ignition module wires you need to know about are:. Ignihion are two ‘sets’ or ‘rings’ of holes in the optical CAS. It is recommended that V2.

Ignition Control with MegaSquirt-II EFI controller

Luminition Optical Input for a V2. Earlier than coils, PN – ighition06B B and E have not been tested with these connections but have been reported to work using the Ground switching route.

Do not connect anything to the green and violet wires. Turn the engine until cylinder 1 should fire.


Instructions to do this using LEDs can be found 3v. If not, adjust your sensor until it is. When running 2 spark coil outputs directly from the ECU you will need to install an addition ignition driver BIP using the same circuit diagram as shown above. Note if your TunerStudio dialogs do not match the examples in this document then you need to updated your setup file.

The bolts are either small metric or star bit. When using the TFI module to drive the coil carry out the following: Remember you only need to fit the same amount of BIP’s as you require outputs.

On a g3 tooth wheel, each tooth represents 30 degrees of crank rotation. We have designed this excel file to help you figure out the required settings, click on the image to download the file.

MS1/Extra Ignition Hardware Manual

Not known to have been installed on any European built vehicles. Just make sure that the internal rotor points towards one of the towers when the engine is roughly in the firing angle – if it is halfway you can easily get cross-firing between cylinders. Either a single second pickup and wheel with 2 teeth, or two pick-ups with a single tooth can be used as a second input into MSnS.