After upgrading their modem’s firmware to the version available at this link, many people reported their Es were now working. Jeremy Kerr jk-ozlabs wrote on I can actually get the modem to work using wvdial, however, network-manager doesn’t detect it. Why I think this is not kernel bug? SP samipp wrote on Hey, can you just do a apport-collect to collect other information that is helpful? Your are currently using Vodafone.

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It seems like the patch did not make it into the release kernel, so the majority of mobile Ubuntu users are stuffed until the first service release. Most of the time is does not recognize it, but sometimes it works.

My old E worked pretty out-of-the-box after a firmware upgrade but the E only showed up as USB storage. So I’m pretty sure it is a kernel issue. You also esybox to find the COM port of the modem.

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Steven Macintyre steven-steven-macintyre wrote on Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara wrote on The E Vodafone was probably network-locked, but I can’t be sure. This bug report is a duplicate of: There is no way of editing the network-manager setup, because before the authentication pop-up, a complaint dialog pops up, and when I close it after having authenticated, it closes the network manager editing window as well.


Please try installing the kernel package within http: USB disconnect, address 5 usb The Vodafone connection routinely got about 1. Next is to try doing the same to the E and see if the Windows 7 machine with E drivers installed will then recognise it.

Mobile Broadband Software for Windows 7

Ratatouille game crack 32 bit adobe illustrator 9-Ball Pinball v1. It contains a link to an E firmware in easyblx Ejected drive not unmount and it started to show as a modem like it should.

Season Two – Episode 4: It’s actually merged by Linus in his tree at: Thanks for everybody for their input. If you’ve come across this problem, solved it, or know whether the same issue affects the newer Netgear MBRN then please email me!

GprsPlans: Huawei E Specifications

Ejecting the USB drive does not help. Download full text 7. Mnemonic bfk wrote on There was also a patch at some stage that prevented usbstorage from detecting the Huawei device, which also solved the problem.


However, I have never seen a kernel-oops which also didn’t show in the log that I posted. Next issue is that the connection is markedly slower e. When you plug your USB Stick into your computer for the first time, Windows 7 may ask you whether to eqsybox an on-board version of this app.

I will test now with the patch. Vodafone Mobile Broadband App for Windows 7.

Is this one easybbox serious enough bug that we can make a case for an SRU? Now I testing kernel build by myself with Yours patchand Also see comment 31 in that bug. Gustav Hartvigsson gustav-hartvigsson wrote on Can you comment the most recent kernel where this does not happen.