The following picture from Justin McMahan, who is using this circuit to power a Radio Shack plasma globe. Between the rod and the frame is an air gap, which increases the reluctance. If you need assistance, please send an email to forum at 4hv dot org. Inductance calculation for a platter wound transformer Wavetuner Mon May 18 , Gate on the left, drain in middle, source on right And what’s really beautiful, is that if you change the duty cycle, the frequency will remain the same.

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Flyback Transformer Driver

The earliest sets used a shunt vacuum tube regulator, but the introduction of solid state sets employed a simpler voltage dependant resistor. The hvguy.xom banjo effect, at 10kHz this time The package is TO Contact If you need assistance, please send an email to forum at 4hv dot org.

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There are no small electronic components to kill with this kind of simple supply. So a little experimentation is the only way to find a setup that works for any given flyback.

Many more recent applications of such a transformer dispense with the need to produce high voltages and use the device as a relatively efficient means of producing a wide range of lower voltages using a transformer which is much smaller than a conventional mains transformer.

Members whose names appear in red bold have donated recently. Make sure you trnasformer C1’s polarity correct, and also BR1. At some point, the circuit will get highly unstable DerAlbi 12 hours ago. Turn the signal generator on first plug in T1and with the flyback transformer away from all other electronics on your workbench computers, stereos, phones, etc.

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The second line says “G”. In television sets, this high frequency is about 15 kilohertz Coherent Thu Apr 30 In older television designs, the transformer produced the required high voltage for the CRT accelerating voltage directly with the output flybqck by a simple rectifier.


hvguy-dot-com flyback driver – NEW SCHEM.

The pulse train coming from the flyback transformer windings is converted to direct current by a simple half wave rectifier. T1 is any transformer that has a V primary, and 12V secondary with no less than mA of current available.

Franky Sun Apr 19 I have killed small flybacks in less than 6 seconds at 12 volts input. They are deserving of my most heartfelt thanks. Mads Barnkob 3 weeks ago.

So many different flybacks out there, some even having built-in focus and screen adjustment circuitry. Our findings have been that up past 1kHz, the staccato frequency starts to hurt the output sparklength severely. You cannot start new topics – You cannot post replies – You cannot edit your posts. For actual discussion of the topics, use one of the other boards.

We’re using Richie Burnett’s H-bridge design found at www.