When using the for simple web browsing and typing this review and with screen brightness set to half the battery ran out after 2hours and 20 minutes. Driver Reviver Windows Driver Updater. Inspiron Everest Hardware Report. Battery Optimizer Laptop Battery Optimization. Privacy Reviver Privacy Reviver support. Front side view view larger image. I installed Microsoft Flight Simulator to see how it ran on this notebook the simulator does not require a dedicated graphics card thankfully and, while it ran, it was choppy and a bad experience.

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Download Drivers Search computer lnspiron by manufacturer. Testimonials What others are saying. After 11 years, the Dell is still working. Right side view of Inspiron view larger image.

Dell ME051 laptop video card drivers

Front side view view larger image. The body casing is entirely inspieon, no fancy aluminum or magnesium protection.

There is no sag or problems with the keyboard. The Dell ends up being a fine notebook for general usage and as an extension of a desktop computer. Only having an ExpressCard slot is somewhat of a downer.


File Extensions Library of file extensions. They dont make them to this build quality any more. I can pull the plastic covering away from the LCD with ease. To get the latest version of the requested update simply download and run Driver Reviver.

Registry Reviver Windows Registry Optimizer. Privacy Reviver Complete Privacy Protection.

Driver Videk Driver Reviver support. The keys have a nice click when pressed, but are not loud. Dell Inspiron keyboard and touchpad area view larger image. This is a budget notebook and as such is constructed in a manner to keep costs down. Since this is not an Intel branded card it means that while this notebook has a Pentium M processor, it is not a Centrino machine.

When on AC power the screen is bright enouggh, but when you switch to battery it becomes too dim — you can adjust your display videk power settings to force the screen to be brighter when on battery but at the cost of shorter battery life.

Close up of light indicators view larger image. About Us Learn about ReviverSoft.

Feedback How we are doing? Driver Reviver Windows Driver Updater. Battery Optimizer Battery Optimizer support.

Free Download! Latest driver updates for Dell Inspiron – ME

Registry Reviver Registry Reviver support. So esentially Inspiro put together a machine in which the chipset is the weakest link, and since components work together as a team, the system can only be as fast as that weakest link is willing to work MHz.


Disk Reviver Disk Reviver support.

Please select from the list below. Contact our Support Team. Battery Optimizer Laptop Battery Optimization. The keyboard on the is fine.

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Privacy Reviver Privacy Reviver support. Having all the ports on the left side means things will get busy over there if you have 3 USB devices plugged in — spreading them out a bit would have been nice. Watching an entire DVD at full brightness on this laptop would only work if the movie is 1-hour 30 minutes or less.