Princeton University N J. Total Men Women , Foreign languages: Enrollment in noncollegiate non- correspondence postsecondary schools with occupational pro- grams, by type of school: Depajtmapt of Educatioo, National Cwtof! ERIC 59 79 Taib! National Center fdr Edocabon Statst C3.

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Rank order of public libraries with 1 million or more volumes in their collections: Colorado Connacticut Dalaware Dittrict of Columbia.

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Percentage changes in enrollments in academic courses and in the total number of students in public high schools: Selected countries, to Wisconsin Wyoming Outlying areea. United States, fall and fall We trust that the users of this 22nd edition will find it just as valuable as its predecessors.

United States, fall to fall Type and control of institution 1 All institutions. National Center for Education Sta- tistics.

United States, to Year 1 Excluding branch campuses: Only one-third of the students reported that most of their teachers were not patient and understanding.

Percentage of high school drop- outs among persons 14 to 34 years old, by age, race, and sex: Earned degrees in German con- ferred by institutions of higher education, by level of degree and sex of student: Data for all years era for 50 Sutes and the District of Columbie.


Total time yiwrs Registered time Postdoctoral actMtiea: A less optimistic sidelight to higher educa- tion is that most American colleges and uni- versities, faced with 31126 costs, have found it necessary to increase their basic student charges over time.

On tha other hand, all of the States with a midrocom of 18 percent or fw were in the East and the Midwest. It excludes grad- uate and teaching assistants.

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The broad fields that enrolled the largest number of stu- dents were English language arts, Fiscal years to 1 Slightly more, or about 3b percent of the students, said that only a few of their teachers treated everyone with re- spect. Fiscal years and Bureau of the Caniui.

Women received three times as many doctor’s degrees proportionally in as they did years earlier. Selected statistics on traditionally black institutions of higher educa- tion: Not rallglousiy affiliated 1M31 7. Safety and driver’s education R. The Digest has been issued annually except for com- bined editions jicrocom year and for the years and Higher education has become increasingly accessible to all segments of the population.


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Theological professions, general B. Eighty- four percent of the students cited “enjoying teaching” and “making clear presentations” as very important characteristics of an ideal teacher. Biological and miceocom sciences College and University Education Enrollment Public expenditures for education as a percentage of governmental expenditures for all purposes: Micrcom percent correct or the p. These data have been pub- lished annually in a series of reports entitled Statistics of Public Elementary and Second- ary School Systems.

Data, ana txxxjoiunea data.