We take a look at Asus’ new Republic of Gamers laptop, the G60Vx, and find an interesting mix of the good, the bad and the not so ugly. The battery life of the included 4 cell battery isn’t sufficient for a whole work day afar from a socket. Temperature The case’s upper side was never warmer than Once again, the question why a reflective display is applied in a little subnotebook conceived for mobility arises. The reason for this is the uneven gap in the component joint between the battery and the case. Read our full review to find out.

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A majority of connection possibilities had to be forgone for the sake of the extra slim design. On the other hand, the timbre lacks bass, is treble-prone and thin. You can configure and purchase it hereas well.

The shape is sleek, not really taking up much additional space in your backpack over a thick paper notebook. Vertical viewing angles are average, with colors starting to distort 20 degrees forward or back from perpendicular. The maximum opening angle is restricted to approx. The keyboard can’t really convince at use especially because of the coiling of the entire keyboard unit.

System Noise The X-Slim X’s cooling system works in idle mode and with low load rather quietly with a maximum of Loudspeakers The sound check turned out accordingly for a mini-notebook. If required, you can also downgrade to Windows XPas according drivers are available for download on the manufacturer’s site.


Both are available in white, black and silver, have a two year collect and return warranty and have two USB ports. Fitting to the Pearl White version, you find an equally white notebook bag in the carton. Without proper driver support you also lack customizable features such as a scroll region for the touchpad, programmable click zones, or any multi-touch support.

MSI X-Slim X Review

Your are also equipped for digital sound and image transmission with an HDMI connection. The sound is according. Aside from the X-Slim X, the X is also offered. We take a look at Asus’ new Republic of Gamers laptop, the G60Vx, and find an interesting mix of the good, the bad and the not so ugly.

Two fingers to Macbook Air. Like the MacBook Air the edges are spread out to a sharp point, making the thin design look even thinner.

This was confirmed by going into the MSI support website which says no drivers are required as it is x-sliim natively. The X-Slim belongs to the slimmest of its kind with its low construction height of 6 millimeters to a maximum of The only contrast points are given by the black, high-gloss display frame.

The processor is a single core CPU. And, for an otherwise very solid portable, it’s a definite surprise. The front area 3×40 both lateral edges as well as the front edge itself are beveled downwards, and therefore can’t accommodate any sensible ports. However, the very slim case also has disadvantages.


While it might not show distortion, the screen can flex a good amount with minimal effort by twisting the corners. Otherwise the keyboard has a standard layout without key-grouping with a single-rowed return key.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The manufacturer includes installation media and offers a 24 month warranty as standard.

Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. With a gross capacity of gigabytesthe rpm hard disk has more than sufficient storage space for the beginning.

MSI X-Slim X340 Notebook Review

Temperature The case’s upper side was never warmer than Interestingly, Windows Vista Premium Home 32 bit was chosen x-dlim the operating system. The X-Slim X is a new Therefore, it is advisable to take precautions at transport so that a possible penetration of foreign objects between keyboard and display can’t cause damage. Less satisfying is the display lid’s torsional stiffness.